Oscar E. Ferreira Rodríguez




Digital Transformation expert and involved in technology projects for more than 8 years, where I have managed to optimize processes and improve the customer-supplier relationship.
Currently, I empower companies in their process of digital identity and transformation by promoting their sales using digital channels and improving their productivity with tools in the cloud such as G Suite, focusing their transformation on the organizational culture. I am a faithful follower that the evolution in companies starts from the personal growth, where I give to the employees the essential tools to achieve their goals, based on entrepreneurial tools and the smart use of technology.

59 Advisories, 3 Countries.

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I'm going with you in your digital business growing process under this five axis:


I’ll teach you the latest trends on social network campaigns, E-Mail marketing, and stay on the top in search engines. All you need to get know, promote and be informed about your online business.


Also I’ll show you the latest tools that are going to make your digital establishment works, save time, better processes and Why not!, sales.

CRM, SEM, Analytics, Search Console, among others.


Do you know how to stop sending the same file versions a lot of times?, learn how to do it on real time, by sharing online, learn from the basics, so, in that way you’ll be making your process on a linear way with your team and start saving time, be less repetitive and spend more time with your customers.

I’m specialized on G Suite tools.


Do you believe on your IT policies?, It’s reliable your security?, Do you have a crash recovery or business continuity policy?, Do you think that all I mentioned before is only a big business/company issue?

Do you still believe that a virus enter alone?

Tell me, You don’t lose half of your life when you lost your e-mail account?, so, what will happen with your business?, I will teach you the tools and strategies so that valuable asset (yes, information), don´t be affected.


I’ll listen your needs and learn about your business, and then we’ll make a road to start or improve your business. Let’s chat!


Working to make your task efficiently, get your contents be posted on time and get sales more faster.
Monthly service or per hour.

I manage your social networks, post, analytics, reports and last but not least… strategy  where you can find this conversions improved with the very objective to increase your presence and sales on your busuness.

*Does not include graphic design or content creation.

Don’t you have time to redact that article?, Don’t you have any idea how to edit that photo?, Do you need to improve that smile in your photo?, I can help you with this content so you have more time with your customers.

Do you need a website?, Do you want to upgrade?, Want to know if you have visits?, Your visitors are reading your content?, They are clicking in the shopping car?, When was the last maintenance?. With a proper analytics and keep your website up to date, with all tools installed (Google Analytics, E-Commerce, Facebook Pixel, etc) and looking for the best user experience, we can offer a good online business.

Use all the digital tools and best practices to make learning, teaching or any way to spread knowledge on your school or college the best experience for your students, as a Certified Google Educator lvl 2 I can help you with that.

If you want to transfer knowledge, make an inside company knowledge database or educational platform I can help you with that to.

Do you need to go to another platform (e.g from Google to Office 365)?, Are you going to install Google Products on your company?, Do you need training for you or your team?.

I am a G Suite certified specialist and I can make an implementation, training or giving you some tips.

Did you know that Schools or ONG’s have G Suite for free? I can show you ho to acquire this service.

Services don’t run?, This plugin doesn’t start?, You are not seeing statistics?, This campaign are not doing anything?, May a second advise?, I can lend you a hand, solving some questions and putting of the fire in a fast way.




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